When horse racing is referred to as the sport of kings, it is easy to see why. From the power displayed on the track, to the cheerful onlookers and the considerable prize money, the sport reeks of royalty. This website is created to open up untold stories on horse racing and retell existing ones more entertainingly.

A reader going through this site will stumble upon many pieces of new information which will spur their love for horse racing even further. The articles have been grouped into sections so that it becomes easy to find the one that suits a particular interest.

Passion for Horse Racing

Until one has watched a horse race, it might be challenging to understand what all the fuss is about. All that, however, changes as soon as one experiences the action on the track. The articles in this section will give a mental picture of what a passion for horse racing looks like, touching on some of the most attended races in the world.

Top International Races

There are numerous horse races across the world, but there are those which grab the attention of every race lover. This section highlights the best of these. It looks at what makes them so great and lists their dates and venues for the benefit of the reader.

Top Races in New Zealand

A separate section of the site narrows down to horse competitions in New Zealand. The sport is still budding in the country, but the passion for it is remarkable. Learn about the leading races in various categories in this section.