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Coin racing – Classic barrel machine to feverish mobile game

Coin racing once created a legendary fever in the classic coin machine market. It is filled with innocent childhood memories of so many younger generations.  They spend all their savings looking for a little luck in it. Sometimes you win a lot, but sometimes you leave empty-handed. Currently, this game is available on mobile devices and completely

CEO rushed to see horse training

Only an understanding owner knows how to make a horse submit. Similarly, it takes a psychological boss to know how to recruit employees. Workers learn leadership principles and abound team-building online. They can attend conversations or hire a coach. However, there is another way that will also help them learn leadership skills: spend an hour watching the trainer

Types of horse racing you should know (Part 2)

Flat horse racing is the most popular form of horse racing around the world. Flat tracks are usually oval in shape and often moderately. Although some tracks in the UK and Ireland have a much bigger difference, including pictures of eight tracks such as Windsor and the slope of the track, vary as much as

Types of horse racing you should know (part 1)

Horse racing is considered as a popular sport in many countries around the world. What types of horse racing are there? Let’s find out more about horse racing through the following article! In fact, there are so many different types of horse racing, including: Flat horse racing: during the race, the horse gallops directly between

Great movies about horses you should watch (Part 2)

3. Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron From a young horse of the vast green prairies, gradually becoming more mature, Spirit became the stubborn leader at any time. One day, Spirit discovered his territory was threatened by the reclamation of white people. After an energetic chase, this group of people caught the horse by putting a noose around the

Great movies about horses you should watch (Part 1)

Horses are intelligent, wise animals, living close to people and loved by humans. In wartime, horses always stand shoulder to shoulder with the humans storming the battlefield.  Sleek, powerful, and yet elegant, gentle, horses have virtues loyal to humans, many horses are considered animals of gratitude. The horse is also a symbol of fortune, success, the image

Toffee Tongue announced victory in Group 1 at Australasian Oaks

Kiwi’s former coach Chris Waller conducted another Group 1 training coup with Toffee Tongue disrupting her maiden style in Australasian Oaks (2000m) in Morphettville yesterday. Although she took part in the race in Adelaide, a girl, gamblers recognized her class and sent Toffee Tongue a $ 5 favorite, and Tavistock’s daughter delivered a portion three

Top 10 most exotic and rare horses in the world (Part 5)

Marwari horse Marwari or Malani horses are a rare horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-looking ear flaps, it comes in all colors, though pinto models tend to be most popular with buyers and breeders. It is known for its toughness, and quite resembles the Kathiawari horse, another Indian

French racing eagerly returns on May 11

French racing eagerly returns on May 11 but Guineas can be moved from Paris. News of the resumption of racing plans in France on May 11 was well-received by top French coach Nicolas Clement, who was enjoying the opportunity to perform well when the sport returned. More positive news follows the announcement from France Galop

Race champion Might And Power dies

Race champion Might And Power sadly passed away Sunday morning due to abdominal pain. Caulfield Cup winner, Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup, residents of Living Legends retirement home near Melbourne were taken to Werribee Riding Center on Saturday night but could not save it. Owned by inflamed Sydney businessman Nick Mora and trained by Jack