Great movies about horses you should watch (Part 1)

Horses are intelligent, wise animals, living close to people and loved by humans. In wartime, horses always stand shoulder to shoulder with the humans storming the battlefield. 

Sleek, powerful, and yet elegant, gentle, horses have virtues loyal to humans, many horses are considered animals of gratitude. The horse is also a symbol of fortune, success, the image of a horse whining and symbolizing pride and freedom, the image of a horse is also the subject of many excellent films below.

1. War Horse (2011)

Based on the best seller novel of the same name by Michael Morpurgo, set in Western England during World War I, War Horse is the story of the young Albert and his horse Joey. The story begins on a ranch in Devon hired by the Narracott family, when Albert fights and attaches himself to a horse named Joey, which was purchased by his father. But when World War I broke out, the British army bought the horse, along with many others in the county. Albert promised Joey they would find each other someday. And finally he enlisted in the army, looking for his friend.

Đạo diễn lừng danh Steven Spielberg trở lại với "War Horse"

Throughout four years of war, the story is Joey’s journey, from becoming the horse of a brave British officer (Tom Hiddleston), a pack horse for the Germans, to the gift from God. for the girl who is about to die. The horse gives us a glimpse into the ravages of war – and all the soldiers, young and old, who never deserved to die. By the end of the film, fate seems to separate him forever with Joey, but their sincere friendship has helped them reunite.

War Horse is a beautiful movie from friendship and love for fellow human beings, but it is enough for viewers to be touched and ponder the lives of the war.

2. The Black Stallion (1979)

Adapted from the children’s novel of the same name by writer Walter Farley, The Black Stallion was made under the direction of director Carroll Ballard.

While traveling with his father on a boat, the boy Alec was mesmerized by an Arabian black horse with an imposing, majestic appearance. Suddenly, the boat sank, the boy and the horse drifted onto a deserted island without a single person. Here, the horse The Black has saved Alec many times from death but he still does not dare to approach the boy. Grateful to the horse, Alec tried to get closer to him. He gave the horse some seaweed – the only food he could find on this desert island. The Black struggled with distrust in humans, but the act of taking food from Alec’s hands marked the first milestone in their friendship.

The Black Stallion movie review (1979) | Roger Ebert

The two became friends and then they were rescued and taken back to Alec’s home, where they met Henry Dailey, a skilled horse trainer. Together, Dailey and Alec helped The Black become the fastest race horse in the world.

Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel gave the film a mystical look with extremely beautiful angles and frames. Actor Mickey Rooney as the horse trainer received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.