Great movies about horses you should watch (Part 2)

3. Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

From a young horse of the vast green prairies, gradually becoming more mature, Spirit became the stubborn leader at any time. One day, Spirit discovered his territory was threatened by the reclamation of white people. After an energetic chase, this group of people caught the horse by putting a noose around the neck. Spirit was locked in a stable barn under the supervision of a military colonel (James Cromwell), who determined to tame him at all costs. Spirit refused to let him ride on his back.

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In order to “buck the face” of the unruly horse, the colonel starved the Spirit. But the goddess of luck did not smile at him, along with the Indian Little Creek (Daniel Studi), Spirit escaped from captivity and was then captured by the Indians. However, they treated the stubborn horse very well, Little Creek knew it was impossible to tame Spirit, so he let him go. It was here that Spirit understood that man did not want to be enslaved. And also here, the new horse met his life friend, returned to a free life and protected the green prairies from human attack. You have become a true hero.

4. Secretariat

Based on a true story that took place in 1973, Secretariat was performed by director Randall Wallace with the participation of veteran actors like Diane Lane, John Malkovich. The film tells the story of a horse who was not thought to be able to win the Triple Crown horse race in 1973.

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Because her father is seriously ill, Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) – the owner of the Secretariat horse – must manage the traditional horse farm of the family even though she has no knowledge of horse racing. With the help of experienced trainer Lucien Laurin (John Malkovich), along with her horse Secretariat, she decides to take part in extreme races to resolve her family’s debts. In the film, Secretariat is depicted with lovely hobbies: the caption is chatted with owner Penny Chenery, likes to be photographed and makes millions of dollars for people betting by racing until there is no strength. Nothing seemed to stop Secretariat’s passion for racing, the only thing standing between him and the Triple Crown was a sore tooth that made him slow down in a thrilling sprint before the Kentucky Derby. But just a little dental floss for horses is enough to keep him healthy. Secretariat helped her master get the first hattrick in the race after 25 years.