Horse racing is a traditional sport in New Zealand and is loved by most of the people in the country. The people here practice Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing. Standardbred racing is also known as harness racing, or trotting as the people in New Zealand like to call it. There are some horses which are known to be celebrated in harness racing. They include Young Quinn, Cardigan Bay and Robalan. Here are some of the major harness racing events in New Zealand.

Dominion Handicap

This awesome race is held every year in November. The competition takes place at Addington Raceway. This race only allows harness horses to take part in the competition since it is a Standardbred horse event. This race has more trotting rather than pacing. It is held on a dirt surface over a distance of two miles. Only horses of three years and above are allowed to take part in the competition. The winning horse is given a prize award of 265200 New Zealand dollars.

Auckland Pacing Cup

This event falls under the category of harness races. Only harness horses are allowed to take part in this competition. This race is held on the eve of every new year. It takes place at Alexandra Park. This competition has a group one status level. It is part of the Auckland Cup Week. Horse riders compete over a distance of over 2800 metres. Horses participating in the race should be of three years and above. The winner gets 400000 New Zealand dollars.

New Zealand Trotting Derby

This competition is only held during the autumn. It takes place at the Addington Raceway. Only three-year-old horses are allowed to take part in the competition. The competition is on a dirt a surface for a distance of 2600 metres. The winning horse is given a cash prize of 300000 New Zealand dollars.