How to become an Olympic equestrian (Part 2)

Top riders will qualify for the North American Youth and Young Championships (NAJYRC) and are invited to compete by the Central American Equestrian Federation in the Caribbean, Bermuda, as well as each provinces of Canada, each US riding area (Show Jumping), USDF Area (Dressage) and USEA Area (Eventing).

There may be competition participation in events such as Pan-Am and Commonwealth Games and Grand-Prix and other high level events in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Làm thế nào để trở thành một người cưỡi ngựa Olympic

Young Riders are also a stepping stone to be selected for a national team like Canada or United States Equestrian Team. You will have to prove yourself by placing constantly in major competitions like Rolex and badminton. From the best riders, a national team is chosen. A long list is selected, and then depending on the point and other factors, a short list is drawn.

From the riders in this group selected will compete in the World Championships, The Equestrian World and the Olympics.

The dream of bringing the backyard horse to the Olympics is impossible. Movies and novels may have stories about someone doing that, and there were some horses and competitors not sure making it. But, at the level where racers are competing on an international level, each person will need a horse pool. The horses are very expensive, often imported from Europe or elsewhere. Most will be leased in spite of internationally competitive horse breeding promotion programs in North America. Because horse maintenance, travel fees, competition fees, membership and other expenses are very high, good financial planning and maintenance of funding is a must.

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There is no age limit to join the Olympic horse racing team. Their seventies racer debuted at the Olympics and competed successfully. While it may be beneficial in some sports to be young, experience and intuition are important, and this sometimes supports older riders.