Top 10 most exotic and rare horses in the world (Part 1)

According to statistics, currently there are about 400 different horse breeds in the world, they are most closely associated with every activity of the people from living, farming, hunting, grazing, horse races to stormed the battlefield.

Let’s find out the unique features of the 10 most exotic and rare horses in the world!

Akkal – Teke

The Akkal – Teke is known as the horse’s supermodel, the horses have unique colors such as yellowish skin, golden brown, pinkish white, and pure white. They also have a metallic layer on the body like a jacket. It is not only beautiful horses but also very active. This makes them perfect for hurdles, endurance as well as strong horse competitions. Akhal-Teke is also a symbol of Turkmenistan. This is the oldest domesticated horse, famous for its good looks and good physical strength. This horse is named after the Akhal oasis and the Teke tribe, which is the place name and the name of its inhabitants. This horse is tall, thin skin. Their fur is very beautiful, smooth and slightly iridescent when reflecting light. The main legend of Bucephalus of Alexander the Great, one of the most famous war horses in history, belongs to the Akhal-Teke breed.

Ngựa Akkal – Teke

These rare horse breeds have only a few hundred individuals in the world, including the species that once entered the legend with iridescent fur, blood red sweat. Akhal-Teke is considered to be the world’s rarest horse, enduring stamina and galloping. Akhal-Teke is thought to be the Great Horse’s Hare (horse), which is mentioned in ancient Chinese books. They were domesticated about 3000 years ago and imported to China many times but could not survive. Akhal-Teke has a quick gait like a hunting dog with swollen chest muscles, protruding face and round eyes with an aura always burning when facing the enemy. It is the soft neck like a swan’s neck that gives it a high speed.

Bashkir curly horse

This breed looks like a combination of horse and poodle, because they have very curly fur. Some have only curly mane, while others have curly hair all around and even curly eyelashes. But the special thing is that they do not cause allergies like your poodle. You can also find in this great breed many sizes, from small to large. The curly bristles are not a new breed, this is a long-standing breed, the unique genetic features that make them fashionable and outstanding curly fur, the origin of the rare curly horse is currently the subject of controversy. However, their images have appeared in Chinese artworks since 161 AD and Charles Darwin recorded their detailed images in South America in the 19th century. Indians even considered horses Curly hairs are sacred animals, only leaders and men who do healing work to save people are allowed to ride. Curly horses have many colors and sizes similar to other horse breeds but are more prominent thanks to the unique wool-like curly coat. They are also rated as excellent stamina.

Ngựa lông xoăn Bashkir

This curly coat helps exotic horses to have a distinctive, eye-catching appearance but also helps them to endure in the cold and harsh winter. Known for being calm, intelligent and friendly, the curly-haired horse shows itself very well in training. Curly horses are also appreciated for their loyalty and docility. They are very reliable and when working will have absolute responsibility. Known for being calm, smart and friendly, the curly-haired horse shows itself extremely well when training.