Top 10 most exotic and rare horses in the world (Part 3)

Exmoor horse

The Exmoor horse is a horse breed native to the British Isles, where some still wander like semi-cattle breeding on the Exmoor area, a large area of ​​moorland in Devon and Somerset in the southwest of England. The Exmoor has been given the “risk” status of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the “threat” status of The Livestock Conservancy. It is one of the British Isles and the moorland, resembling those of other cold weather breeds. Exmoor horses are very sturdy and are used for a variety of equestrian activities. In a free roaming state, the presence of horses on Exmoor contributes to the conservation and management of a number of natural pasture habitats.

Ngựa Exmoor

Equines have been in the UK since 700,000 BC, and fossils are still found in the Exmoor area dating back to about 50,000 BC. Some people think that this breed has been purebred since the ice age; Others argue that this is not supported by modern DNA research. However, there is a pattern that closely resembles the original wild horse. Archaeological surveys have shown that horses were used for transport in southwest England around 400 BC, and Roman carvings show that the horses were quite similar to the shape of the horses. This breed almost became extinct after World War II, because the soldiers used them to practice their goals and thieves killed them for their meat. After the war, a small group of breeders worked to save Exmoor, and in the 1950s horses began to be exported to North America. As of 2010, there were about 800 Exmoor horses worldwide.

Falabella horse

There are many unique horse types, and this is one of the most unique horse breeds in the world. They are very small, rarely higher than 80 cm. These horses were for the first time in Argentina and they were imported to the United States in 1962. The horses are quite small, can only be ridden by very small children, they are also often used as guide animals. the way for people with physical disabilities. On this list, it is one of the cutest horses you probably won’t believe in.

Ngựa Falabella

Falabella horses are small and short in shape. The average height of this breed is only about 40 cm, which is confirmed as the world’s smallest horse breed. The Fallabella horses are very tough, intelligent and loyal like dogs. Falabella horses were cared for and developed in the 19th century in Argentina by veterinarian, geneticist Patrick Falabella, so the breed was named after him. Falabella horses are bred for 70 years by mating in a small group of small horses. With a small shape, cute horse breed is a lot of people choose to raise. Falabella is considered to be intelligent and easy to train. Due to its small size, Falabella is often chosen for children to practice riding.