Horse racing competitions have been gaining a lot of fame over the past years. The number of fans has been increasing rapidly. New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world which celebrate horse racing with a passion. All the aspects of horse racing are organised well, and everything happens as planned. The only problem facing this competition is the number of fans attending the races. The organisers have tried their level best to improve the fan attendance, though they have not yet reached their primary target.

The All-Star Mile

This is one of the great competitions held in New Zealand. It has some of the best odds in horse racing. The average number of fans attending this competition is generally in the range of 5000 people. The race organisers made some changes to attract more fans to the sport. The number of people participating in their activities increased rapidly with the highest number of fans being youngsters. Currently, more 16000 people regularly attend this competition. They are still looking to increase the number of fans visiting the tournament.

Other horse racing competitions, such as the Melbourne Cup, also record a large number of attendees, though not the much-anticipated number. This is the wealthiest horse competition in the world and should, therefore, receive the most massive audience. The number of spectators of the race is more significant than other racing competitions in New Zealand.

Horse racing competitions have noticed the number of people attending the contest is very little, compared to that of the people who are interested in horse racing events. They have now moved on to air these races on the internet. The number of views obtained from the live streams exceeds the number of people who attend the competition on the race tracks. Some of these numbers go up to a million people.