Horse racing is undoubtedly an entertaining sport which attracts many fans around the world. European countries offer such races with both the flat option and steeplechases. The best horse races which you can attend in Europe and be sure to enjoy, include the following.

1000 Guineas Stakes

The race was initiated in 1814 in Great Britain. It is a flat race whose qualification is having a three-year-old filly. It covers a distance of one mile on a turf surface. The racing track is straight, and it is usually located in Rowley Mile Newmarket in England. It is an annual race held in late April or at the beginning of May.

Grand Prix de Paris

This is categorised as a flat horse race, and it takes place in France. Each year, you can attend the race in July. Riders cover a one and a half-mile distance. Participants are required to have a three-year-old colt or filly.

Bayerisches Zuchtrennen

Horse racing enthusiasts can get to experience this race in Germany. For you to participate in the race, you need to have a thoroughbred of at least three years of age. It was inaugurated in 1866, takes place at the Munich Racecourse and covers a distance of 2000 metres.

Derby Italiano

This is a right-handed Group 2 flat race which takes place in Italy. To qualify for the competition, you need to have a three-year-old filly or colt. It covers a distance of 2200 metres on a turf surface. The Capannelle Racecourse in Rome hosts the race.

Champion Hurdle

This is a hurdle race in England and is usually open to horses of four years and above. It was inaugurated in 1927 and is currently referred to as the Unibet Champion Hurdle, due to the sponsorship deal with Unibet. It covers 3298 metres.