Horse racing is one of the most exciting competitions around the world. This sport has grown in popularity over the years and is now held in most of the countries around the globe. The competition gives its audience a lifetime experience with thrilling moments in the race. Here are some of the things which make it exciting to watch a horse race, especially one involving top-rated horses.

Huge Crowds

Huge crowds act as great company to most outgoing people. The great thing about these groups is that they are not just quiet crowds. These enthusiasts are dedicated fans of certain horses and cheer at the top of their voices to give morale to their horse. One can also kill boredom easily by interacting with several people in the crowd. Huge gatherings also make one have a happy mood for the race.

Breathtaking Races

The level of races when famous horses hit the track is normally very high. The atmosphere in the racing event is electric as every rider wants to walk (run) away with the large prize money award. It is exciting to watch every motivated jockey try their luck with their horse to win the competition. The audience might also be fortunate enough to watch some of the stunts performed by horses.


The betting activities taking place at a horse racing event are fierce. Every gambler goes with their money to place a bet on which horse will win the race. The favourites in a race have low odds, which makes it very difficult for gamblers to place a bet on a certain horse.

Super Commentary

If you have never heard the commentary of a fierce horse race, you should make it your necessity to attend a racing competition. The commentary is exciting to listen to. It also keeps the audience tense as they wait to see which horse finishes first in the race.