Horse racing is an exciting event which attracts people from all corners of the world. The United States of America has many horse racing events. Some of these are held annually, and the winners are always given great rewards. Here are some of the greatest horse races held in the US.

Kentucky Derby

This is one of the best racing events in the US. It is a high-level competition which is held annually. You have to mark the first Saturday of May to watch this great race. It is held every year. This competition has a prize tag of two million dollars. The winner is awarded a total of 1,425,000 million dollars. This competition also attracts a large number of punters. It acts as the first leg of the Triple Crown.

Preakness Stakes

This is a very competitive race in the US. It has some of the most prolific horse riders in the United States. This competition serves as the second leg in the great Triple Crown competition. This makes the race to be very competitive as the horse riders battle to maintain their points from the first leg of the competition. It is held annually on every third Saturday of May.

Belmont Stakes

This competition serves as the third leg of the Triple Crown. The race takes place every year in June. This is where the champion of the Triple Crown is announced. The race is fought over a distance of 1.5 miles.

Breeder’s Cup

This competition awards a hefty prize to the winning horse at the end of the event. This gift has been increasing every year. This competition is held every year. It does not have a specific venue. It has been increasing in popularity over the years and is now recognised in all of the US.