Winner’s Circle on review

Horse racing game is one of the main parts of horse racing, as well horse racing betting. This article will review about Winner’s Circle which is one of the most popular games in 2019.

Overview and theme

Winner’s Circle has been founded from 2006 and also has some familiar thing with the original title- Royal Turf. The main difference is 3 races and 4 races compared with it and the original design.

Coming with this game, you are taking on the track to cheer up for racers as well take care the role of punters during a day. With per race, racer will place betting on their favorite. If your horse can reach the finish line fastest, you will become a winner and receive prizes or bonus from the system. If doing like this, you can see the racing horses are striving the first line and parading in the Winner’s Circle like this name of game.

The components

As referred, Winner’s circle has been designed in 3 racers, containing 3 key areas. Above all, the track will take cover total center stage and it includes 36 spaces for racing horse to run around it. Also set in the center of track, the Winner’s circle has the responsibility to make circle for horse running. Per a race has 7 horse images which reflects the 7 mounts featured as well location to remark and distinguish them.

Horses are designed in nice 3D rendered affairs with plastic. They also have different color or a little similar to one another. It is easier to distinguish them clearly which is the horse placed on.

As consequence, the detail for 3D image looks pretty and colorful as the real horse. It makes more interesting and satisfactory for players, especially some players are hard to accept horse racing games instead of the true horse racing in true tracks.